Simply Good Health – and how to achieve this naturally

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My purpose here is to help to educate us all  about the significance of Plant Derived Minerals for optimum health. 

Why we all need minerals – and why they should be Plant – based

Minerals are essential for our bodies to function properly and for our good health. We know that we are mostly water but our bones, organs and tissues need minerals. Most minerals sold over the counter in pharmacies and supermarkets are made up of crushed rock. This is not able to be used well by our bodies and a very large percentage of these is just flushed out. 

However,we need to give our bodies  all the raw materials required to maintain our health and to renew itself in order to achieve and keep a healthy life. The raw materials so vital to our health can be challenging to find. Centuries of mining, farming, irrigation , acid rain etc. have eroded these minerals from our soil!

These mineral deficient soils are then used to grow  our food. Because of this, our food is lacking in the essential plant minerals necessary for our good health.. It’s not surprising that when our bodies are robbed of these essential plant minerals it is unable to repair, rebuild and protect itself against illness and disease.

More about  Minerals

The shocking fact that millions are suffering around the world because of mineral depletion in the soils has been confirmed by THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, The UK Ministry of Agriculture, UNICEF and The Royal Society of Chemistry. Even tests on USA soil show a massive 85% depletion !! This is devastating to our health and we need to help ourselves by adding back these minerals into our diets. 

A Simply Minerals learning curve



These 2 statements are corroborated by scientific evidence ( can be proven ). Even the vitamins that we use need minerals for our bodies to use them effectively.

“The root of all disease is directly related to a lack of minerals” – Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Winner)

Simply Naturals can supply us with plant based minerals in various forms – ready to be absorbed by our bodies without stress. Their flagship product is a tablet to be dissolved in water. This is called Sizzling Minerals. It also comes in a powder form  for family and pet use. More information is available below.

The Simply company is British and one of the founder members has a personal and life altering story to tell about the effect of plant based minerals

What is available from Simply

The Plant based minerals are supplied in tablet form. Just put one tablet into a glass of water – warm or cold – wait for the tablet to dissolve and then drink. The drink is pleasant tasting and is offered in a variety of flavours. I have the Berry flavour! If you wish to use this mineral supplement for the whole family, the better ( and cheeaper ) option is to use the powder version and just sprinkle it on to your meal.

About Anne

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I am a pensioner in my early 70s, having retired from a lifetime of work within the British Pharmaceutical Industry

A little background.

I have recently relocated to Ecuador and have found that the knowledge I have picked up over the years

is very useful now. Here there is no National Health Service! Many people here do not visit a doctor until they are sure it is necessary – they rely on home remedies handed down through the family. This is a learning curve for me as all my knowledge is based on pharmaceuticals! However, recently I have become very interested in a more natural way to stay healthy and that is my aim here

My ” why”

A few years ago now, I came across a new British company that had a mineral product with some amazing success in helping people with a variety of problems. My husband was a type 1 diabetic ( needed insulin ) for nearly 50 years and a few years ago now, he died from a heart attack.

My aim here is to try to help people to stay healthier for longer and also to try to improve health wherever possible, using natural ingredients when available

My Goal

My goal is to give more options and information to allow for better self-help. It is so much better to catch a possible problem before it becomes a big issue!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,